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Hydraulic Oil H46AW

Hydraulic Oil H46AW


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Gem Hydraulic Oil H46AW is manufactured from a low aromatic solvent refined base stocks with a naturally occurring high viscosity index. The formulation contains a modern low zinc additive package. This all provides anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant and anti-foam characteristics. Gem Hydraulic Oil H46AW also features demulsification properties, this means that the oil does not break down in the presence of water.

Features of Gem Hydraulic Oil H46AW

  • Superior grade hydraulic oil
  • Compatible with most hydraulic systems
  • Protects against wear, corrosion
  • Acts as an anti-oxident
  • Prevents build up of foam
  • Resistant against water

Hydraulic oil for tractors is a specialised fluid designed to power the hydraulic systems in agricultural tractors and other heavy equipment. This oil serves a crucial role in transmitting power, lubricating components, and ensuring the efficient operation of hydraulic systems responsible for tasks such as lifting, steering, and powering various implements.

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Hydraulic Oil H46AW