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Glynns Agrichoice

Click Extra 2.2L/5L

Click Extra 2.2L/5L


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Clik Pour On prevents against blowfly strike in sheep and lambs. Clik’s Pour-On advanced formula will prevent blowfly strike for up to 19 weeks.

  • 40 day meat withhold.
  • Trusted CLiK® formulation: dicyclanil (IGR) and FleeceBind technology.
  • Meets the challenge of a variable blowfly season.
  • Full fleece protection.
  • Suitable for ewes and lambs with any fleece length.
  • Save time: use off shears, no need to re-gather sheep.
  • Ideal for early application, full season protection of lambs.

How to apply:

When applying, it is recommended to use an applicator gun and apply the product using the 4-stroke method (see diagram below). This ensures an accurate spread of the product.

Always calibrate your applicator gun before use. Apply the total required dose one quarter at a time from:

  1. mid-shoulder to middle of back
  2. middle of back to top of tail
  3. one side of tail to crutch
  4. other side of tail to crutch

Best results will be achieved by holding the gun approximately 45cm from the sheep during application.


Body Weight Dose Volume Number of worm doses per pack
2.2 Litre 5 Litre
10-20kg 20 ml 110 250
21-30kg 24 ml 91 208
31-50kg 30 ml 73 166
>50kg 35 ml 61 138


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