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Glynns Agrichoice

Rhino Protection Nets

Rhino Protection Nets


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Benefits of Protection nets:

  • Thread-safe, extreme tear proof- woven to give extreme strength
  • High-grade treatment of the seams and hems
  • Resistant to acids and chemicals, rot proof and fungus- free
  • Extremer long life span, UV stability of up to 10 years
  • Edges ultrasonically cut and sealed to prevent the silage film from damages
  • Stable in windy conditions because of its special weaving construction
  • Fully protects your silage cover and keeps completely free from bird, dog and cat damage
  • Maintains silage quality
  • To enhance protection- handle ties should be used every metre to secure tying


  • 5m x 10m
  • 8m x 10m
  • 10m x 12m
  • 10m x 15m
  • 15m x 20m

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Net protection from animals involves the use of nets or netting systems to safeguard specific areas or objects from the intrusion or interference of animals. These nets are designed to serve as a barrier, preventing animals from accessing certain spaces, crops, or structures. Common applications include protecting gardens, agricultural crops, fish ponds, and even construction sites from potential damage caused by wildlife.

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