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Black Stokbord (Stockboard) Sheets

Black Stokbord (Stockboard) Sheets


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It is used in a wide variety of projects including use as a recycled plastic board for stables and other forms of animal housing and feeders. Other uses include in equestrian arenas, as trailer lining, and for cattle races.

These innovative recycled plastic sheets are virtually maintenance-free and a great alternative to more costly and higher maintenance traditional materials such as timber, plywood, and even steel.

Our Stokbord® Sheets offer excellent value for money over their usable life and can easily be fabricated by routing, cutting, and shaping. Another benefit is that they offer excellent hygiene, as they can be cleaned down easily and are resistant to most chemicals.

Key Benefits of Stokbord® Sheets

  • Tough and durable – reduces whole-life cost compared to ordinary compared to traditional solutions
  • Maintenance-free – no painting or treating required
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% recycled plastic board sheets
  • Long-Lasting – Rot proof and designed to offer a longer life span than traditional materials
  • Reduces Costs – Reduces the chance of additional unplanned restorative works being required to repair any damage caused during the construction project
  • High resistance -Resistant to chemicals and pressure washing
  • Great for Livestock projects– Non-toxic and chew resistant
  • Easy to fabricate – can easily be moulded into the shape required for the project.

Stokbord recycled plastic sheets are a sustainable and versatile building material made from recycled plastics. Produced by recycling agricultural and industrial plastic waste, Stokbord sheets offer a durable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction materials. These sheets come in various thicknesses and sizes, catering to diverse applications across industries.

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