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Calciject 40+3 Calcium injection

Calciject 40+3 Calcium injection


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Calciject 40+3 is a Calcium injection for the treatment of hypocalcaemia/ Milk Fever in cattle. Each 400ml contains: 11.88g Calcium provided by Calcium Gluconate and Calcium Borogluconate. Calciject 40+3 should be administered subcutaneously or via a slow intravenous injection at the following rate: Cattle : 150 - 500 ml. The solution should be warmed to body temperature before administration. 

Active Substance
Calcium gluconate 332 mg
Boric acid 68 mg
Magnesium hypophosphite hexahydrate 30mg

Target Species

Treats and Controls
Hypocalcaemia/ Milk Fever in cattle

Application Method
Administer by subcutaneous or slow intravenous injection 

Withdrawal Period
Meat: Nil
Milk:  Nil

Cattle: 150 - 400 ml 

Key Features of Calciject 40+3

  • Calcium Injection for the treatment of Milk Fever
  • 400ml Contains 11.88g Calcium
  • Solution should be warmed before being administered 

Signs of Milk Fever

In most cases cows will show some excitement or agitation with a tremor or spasm in muscles of the head and limbs. Then they will often stagger and go down to a "sitting" position, often with a 'kink' in her neck, and finally lie flat on their side before circulatory collapse, coma and even death. 
A dry muzzle, staring eyes, cold legs and ears, constipation and drowsiness are seen after going down.
The heart beat becomes weaker and faster.
The body temperature falls below normal, especially in cold, wet, windy weather.
These signs are due mainly to lowered blood calcium levels.
Sometimes there are additional signs due to complicating factors.
Bloat is common in cows unable to "sit up" because the gas in the rumen is unable to escape.
Pneumonia and exposure may affect cows left out in bad weather.

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